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Austin Racing

British specialist race exhaust manufacture, there exhausts are made from Inconel, an austenitic nickel-chromium-based superalloy used in F1 and Nascar that is stronger and lighter than Titanium. The company recently has been appointed to develop the exhaust system for the all new Norton MotoGP project.


The pioneer of Forged Aluminum Wheels for Motorcycles, create a product that is lighter, stronger, durable and longer lasting than any other wheels available on the market. This products allows for enhanced ride ability and lighter overall weight of the vehicle.

M4 – Exhaust

M4 Performance Exhaust designs and manufactures high quality exhaust systems for all popular sport bikes. Create full systems and slip-ons that are dyno-tuned with precision for optimal performance and sound.

Competition Werkes

Competition Werkes has been producing the best quality fender eliminator kits and sport bike accessories since 1984. Developed the first fender eliminator in 1984 and has since become the premier manufacturer of sport bike accessories including high quality exhausts, LED turn signals, LED tail lights and footpegs.

Evotech Performance UK

EvoTech performance manufacture high quality British engineered aftermarket motorbike parts such as tail tidys, fender eliminators, replacement wavey disc brakes, crash protection, sat-nav mounts and camera mounts for many road and off-road bikes

Brock's Performance

Since 1983 this product became one of the world-respected leader in the innovation and the development of performance components


Luimoto is the authentic designer of motorcycle seat covers. You can find a complete list of seat covers to enhance the look of your motorcycle!


MWR Air Filters are handmade in the Netherlands of top quality materials. Unlike all other foam filters MWR Air Filters are made entirely from special Fire Resistant (FR) foam and use FR biodegradable filter oil, protecting both the environment and your engine.


A maker of high performance electrical upgrade kits for motorcycles, with low voltage delivery systems  as a background, audio, video, automotive sound and 12-20 volt DC vehicle also expert in the elimination of system noise and delivery of the maximum percentage of available system voltage to the consumers (lights, starters etc.).


Established in 1997, the focal point of BrakeTech USA was and is the development of advanced design brake systems to not only improve the overall performance of modern day Sportbikes and roadracers, but to provide an avenue to fine-tune those parameters as well. BrakeTech is the only major brake rotor manufacturer to offer three distinctly different material combinations.


Brisk is one of the largest spark plug manufacturers in the world, with 80 years experience in spark plug manufacturing.


Carbonworld is one of very few companies, that undertakes a “pressing” technique. The customers can see this clearly with evidence of the smooth insides The benefits -in contrast to vacuum-, injection- and autoclave technique are the defined wall thickness and the warping of the later component, furthermore also gives a very good fit.


Tekarbon has become one of the largest worldwide distributors for carbon fiber motorcycle parts.  The combination of carbon fiber and racing/riding to our International customers


Has designed and produced motorcycle screens and windshields since 1960. We produced windshields for Lambretta scooters and then spoilers and screens customized for the stars of world championships, made to measure using state-of-the-art technology; or, as we like to say, Technology in movement.


Known since 1980 Matris is primary objective is to design and produce hydraulic suspension systems for powerful sport motorcycles, introduces the revolutionary steering shock absorber with its external volumetric recovery tank


One of the finest and most capable quickshifters ever offered with the highest technology possible and without all the problems of old style mechanical based switches.


Developed in the United States of America 

CRG – Levers

CRG Levers created a major change in the world of sportbike controls when their roll-a-click levers were first introduced. At this point, you can get levers for almost every street bike on the market, in an array of colors and lengths.

Valter Moto

Valter Moto is a Number one manufacturer of made in Italy special parts, only for real Sportbikes, a specialist company who offer a vast range of professional racing accessories for motorcycles & race teams.

Rapid Bike

that represents the highest level of technology available for reaching top performance, offering the widest range of solutions for demanding professional track riders and street users.


Core Moto is an American manufacturer of aftermarket stainless steel braided motorcycle brake lines and performance parts


Kineo is a trademark for a new product in the sector of the wheel. Kineo is the achievement of the revolution through the implementation of best design and production with technology to re-definition of the ancient concept of the wheel to achieve the level of performance previously unattainable

Bonamici Racing

Specialising in the design and manufacture of special parts for motorcycles. Founded in 2001, the company has immediately established itself in the racing world through a broad range of accessories.


RIZOMA is a motorcycle accessories manufacturer in Italy that has been proven since the '90s because it holds the Italian idealism that promotes the beauty of detail and form.


FullSix carbon fiber parts guarantee an excellent appearance and perfect manufacturing


An exhaust servo An exhaust servo motor is one component of the exhaust valve system An exhaust servo motor is one component of the exhaust valve system (sometimes called the ex-up or power valve system) found on almost every modern sportbike including all Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati, Triumph and a few others. The system consist of a few parts, the first is the valve assembly inside the exhaust pipe.motor is one component of the exhaust valve system


Since the very first day Rotobox strives to take the performance of carbon fiber wheels to a new level

. By continuously pushing the boundaries of creative engineering our products set industry standards for lightness, stiffness, design and premium quality.